This is the Story of DoohClick

A tale about how a small tech startup in Stockholm has gone from immediate need, via grander vision and on to finally revolutionizing an industry. It is the story of how we came to be, what we hope to accomplish and why we will always be rooting for the little guy. So, without further adooh, we’re proud to present to you, how DoohClick came to be.

Our Vision

DoohClick was born out of the OOH industry and a need for it to modernize its business. Our founders, with 20+ years of experience from the world of OOH, found themselves limited by its now antiquated way of selling inventory, eyeballs and access to screen time, and decided that there had to be a better way. They set out to create a product that would bring the OOH industry into the 22nd century.

Development, deployed and proven

Raised in the tech unicorn filled meadows of Stockholm, surrounded by innovation and with access to the right competencies, DoohClick emerged ready to save the OOH industry from the everyday existence consisting of the not so excellent excel sheet. And slowly but surely, more and more businesses have realized the benefits of DoohClick, and their own true potential. DoohClick has proven itself in battle, and like many a Viking before it, decided to win over the ocean, and started to conquer market by market.

A complete solution that keeps evolving

Today DoohClick is a complete OOH solution. It provides everything from the video player software, to sales support, inventory control, scheduling, reporting and invoicing, all in one interconnected system. It gives every user access to an intuitive and customizable dashboard where all relevant information is available at a glance (regardless if you are a sales representative or the CEO), and with just a few clicks you can deep dive into any area of your business, giving you unparalleled insight.

Making OOH a thing of the future

Growing rapidly since its official launch in 2019, DoohClick now has customers in 9 markets around the world, providing new business opportunities and bringing older ones up to date. With their intrinsic knowledge of the OOH world and their sights set on the future the DoohClick team combines the best of both world with an easy-to-use platform for both digital and legacy media. With quick migration and onboarding, remote updates and continuous development – stepping into the future has never been easier. In fact, it’s now just a DoohClick away.

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