Loop’d: Monetizing Belgium’s thriving indoor digital signage market

Loop'd case study

There’s nothing quite like a captive audience with a longer dwell time, and one of the best places to deliver relevant audiences is in uncluttered indoor environments such as restrooms.

Place-based advertising is a chance to leave an impression or deliver an important message, and that’s important because research shows that advertising in environments like restrooms delivers 92% audience recall. 

For companies and landlords operating indoor digital signage, delivering the right message to the right demographic at the right time is paramount and that requires a progressive planning and scheduling system.


Loop’d is an entrepreneurial operator in Belgium’s indoor digital signage marketplace. The company manages digital mirrors in the restrooms of restaurants, bars, arenas, theaters and concert venues. 

Launched in 2017, Loop’d has grown to encompass more than 250 clients and agencies and works with more than 60 media owners who have one or more locations. 

The company’s current network includes 275 digital mirrors and 67 static mirrors within shopping mall restrooms. Sportpaleis is one key partner with six locations offering a combination of formats – static mirrors, digital mirrors and 84 TV screens. 

It’s the go-to platform for companies aiming to effectively reach their audiences through (digital) out-of-home, but without the hassle of long-term commitments. 

To manage its growth, Loop’d needed a responsive infrastructure which would allow them to leverage their assets, providing better transparency with regards to occupancy rates and more flexible, dynamic scheduling capabilities in particular. 


As part of its evolution strategy, Loop’d wanted to rationalize the number of tools it was using to operate its inventory. Investing in DoohClick’s ad management platform, which is delivered via a single interface, eliminated the administrative burden.

DoohClick provides real time data about how a business is performing, providing transparency, visibility and an unrivalled level and speed of reporting, all at the click of a button.

As a result, Loop’d has been able to streamline its sales support, orders, budgets and fulfilment, occupancy overview, dynamic scheduling, analysis and reporting into one single workflow.


“After the first call with DoohClick, we knew: this is a solution to all our problems. It’s a logical tool which is made thanks to the experience the founders have in (D)OOH.”
Kenneth De Decker, CEO, Loop’d

The role of digital advertising mirrors cannot be underestimated. 
As well as carrying commercials for financial services, cars and bikes, leisure and entertainment according to the required audience or day part, Loop’d has partnered with the Child Focus Foundation which specializes in finding missing and endangered children in Belgium. This partnership is managed via an API between the Loop’d CMS and Child Focus.

An admirable collaboration which reflects the role of operators like Loop’d in the communities and spaces where they operate, something DoohClick fully supports.