Building and Investing in the DoohClick Platform

When the out of home operators Visual Art Media and AdCityMedia merged to form Ocean Outdoor Nordics, operational rationalization was top of the agenda. The new entity now operates a vast digital and analogue network spanning Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Alongside its own inventory, Ocean Nordics markets and manages a diverse portfolio for third party partners, selling OOH assets on behalf of 350+ landlords.

The company has more than 10,000 different media spaces and 57,000 small formats in grocery stores. In total that’s 67,000 digital and special analogue formats. Ocean is No 1 in Sweden for digital and one of the top three operators in its other markets with more than 15% market share in the Nordics region.


With each company operating a different tech stack, it was important for us to select the best possible system which would allow the teams in each country to work on a common platform.

AdCityMedia had worked with DoohClick over a 10 year period, allowing their salespeople to go into the system to see for themselves what inventory was available, check their offers for the best availability and upload the ad content. They could, and now we can, create a client offer in a minute or two.

By comparison, Visual Art had five or six people in ad operations alone just to handle the scheduling, the follow ups and helping the sales team know what inventory was available to sell. The process was extremely monotonous and time consuming.

We also needed a system where we could see both digital and analogue occupancy in real time and to be able to run and operate this across four different markets. The need for live performance data was also key for us, something DoohClick’s competitors could not offer.


Today we have six different companies using the same platform, integrated with the CRM and ERP system to create a lean, digital workflow. So when we add a new entity, it is extremely easy for us to take over that inventory within DoohClick and start selling packages in the Nordics region.

We now have a unified way of selling and talking about the assets across all markets. We have a  programmatic offering so we can sell Nordics packages in real time, but the USP for DoohClick is that we can connect to multiple SSPs via the same system. We now actually get a lot of new, smaller clients, who don’t have an ad agency, through programmatic because of its flexibility.


After a period of due diligence, it became clear we should go with DoohClick because there were obvious direct benefits.

Ocean Nordics is a complex company operating within different countries, but the business is so much more efficient. DoohClick is a system that involves the entire company across all disciplines. Ad Ops log in and upload the content. The development team use it for the necessary reporting and revenue splits for our 350+ partners. This task alone would have taken a week back in the day. Now it is two hours’ work. Sales can create their offers, check availability and process the bookings. And finance have all the reporting and necessary numbers.

“Less people are involved, it’s completely scalable and connects to the APIs that we have. We continue to build and invest in the DoohClick system and we are completely ready for the future.”

Anders Axelsson,  CEO, Ocean Outdoor Nordics 



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