Five steps to success

How many people and how much time does it take to book and deliver an out of home campaign? More to the point how many different processes, spreadsheets, price lists, templates and plugs-ins are used along the way?

In our experience too many OOH media owners and operators are trying to fit square pegs into round holes. And a reliance on legacy playout and reporting systems or outdated protocols is wasting too much time and money. Which is why more businesses are moving away from in house ad management systems or high-risk tech stacks trying to integrate multiple systems from different tech vendors.

DoohClick eliminates laborious admin tasks by streamlining the entire process. In fact in the time it takes you to make a cup of tea and read this post, we could have created and delivered an OOH campaign in five simple steps.

STEP 1 – Create your OOH proposal on available occupancy

STEP 2 – Let the client approve the order

STEP 3– Initiate your campaign

STEP 4Confirm the output

STEP 5 – Keep your clients and landlords up to date with reporting

Built by media owners for media owner and OOH operators regardless of portfolio size and formats, DoohClick gives you transparency, live campaign visibility and flexibility and unbelievable speeds of reporting, accessed via one intelligent, intuitive system. All at the click of a button.

For a free trial or demonstration, contact Lawrence Hyde, email