How to be relevant and visible during the year’s biggest consumer holidays 

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday. And in the middle of it all a controversial Christmas World Cup.

The biggest consumer spending season has become a highly complex space for advertisers and media buyers.

Add to that the usual Q4 inflation, and World Cup inflation on top of that, and costs begin to spiral as inflation puts channels like TV advertising beyond the reach of those who aren’t tournament sponsors or don’t have big ad budgets.

With the winter World Cup running throughout the entire core Black Friday to Christmas period, brands are looking for ways to get around it, stand out or capitalize.

Cue the usual rash of football tournament ambushers. And what medium have they used to do it? Out of home (OOH).

There’s another consideration too. The cost of living crisis. With price rises impacting global household budgets, shoppers will be looking for bargains and deals.

There may be just days to go to Black Friday but creating an OOH sales pitch takes minutes. And getting an outdoor campaign live, be it in a retail or roadside setting, takes just five simple steps.

As the holidays approach, the inconvenience of advertising congestion is playing right into digital out of home’s hands with its flexible, dynamic scheduling and data driven capabilities.

So the question to ask your clients is why wouldn’t you drop your holiday advert on OOH? It gives them visibility, engagement and drives retail sales.

Bring on the rush.

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