How to make OOH planning and buying easy

Discussions about how the OOH planning and buying process is too complex for media planners and buyers is throwing up some interesting points and new collaborations.

Some of the issues are framed by a biannual market survey carried out by Media i in Australia which tracks the sentiments of 5,000 buyers, sellers and planners.

According to findings from their May 2023 survey, when dealing with sellers, media planners ranked ease of dealing (34.6%) as the fourth most important factor, below campaign delivery (34.9%), understanding your client category (36%) and trust (41.6%) .

But when the same question was asked of media buyers who plan outdoor and cinema specifically, ease of dealing moves from the fourth most important to second, scoring 38.1%, followed by campaign delivery (36.7%) and service levels (35.8%).

The next question Media i asked concerned the most important factors when media suppliers were responding to a brief.

Disappointingly, price/valuation scored 60%, way above creative ideas and innovation (35.7%). One in four meanwhile said timeliness of response (25.9%) was an important factor.

There was plenty of talk around ease of buying at the recent WOO Lisbon conference with specialists pointing to how far apart the sell and buy sides remain, stunting incremental growth.

No one appeared to have a common answer.

Which was odd to us because the solutions were sitting in the room.

We have the answers. We have the tech.

Automation is key.

Be it classic (or static depending on who or where you are) OOH billboards, digital out of home, direct, automated or programmatic, all of the tools and functions needed to make OOH and DOOH planning and buying frictionless and simple are accommodated within the DoohClick platform.

  • Generating sales proposals literally takes minutes as opposed to hours or days for those using manual or legacy systems.
  • If, like South African OOH media owners and suppliers, you are required to fill in multiple agency proposal templates, this exercise is now fully automated within DoohClick.
  • Equally, those OOH suppliers who want to create a sales proposal in their chosen format can simply upload that template and we will speedily populate it with the necessary data points.

DoohClick also facilitates and provides:

  • Complete transparency regards inventory management and occupancy.
  • Dynamic scheduling.
  • The ability to activate campaigns and optimise them on the fly.
  • Managing and connecting OOH inventory to demand side platforms, supply side platforms and ad servers, allowing more targeted campaign planning and instant delivery to the right audiences and environments.
  • Proof of play and accurate landlord reporting using real time data.

DoohClick was purpose built by DOOH media owners to connect buyers to the sell side within a complete data driven ad network management platform.

Which means the out of home expertise everybody wants is baked into our tech.

The point is that DoohClick is happy to listen and act for all local markets, as evidenced by our work to help South Africa media suppliers meet agency requirements efficiently.

And we accommodate both classic and large format digital out of home as well.

To find out more please contact Lawrence Hyde, email