Introducing TakeOver: Epic DOOH just got better 

TakeOver is made for advertisers and brands who are looking to create a synchronised impact across multiple DOOH screens.

Our new function is for those who want to launch a new product with an extended piece of OOH copy, takeover an entire DOOH network with longer form ads or celebrate a significant moment in unison.

With UEFA 2024 and the Paris Olympics taking place next summer, the timing could not be better for media owners and operators looking to maximise the performance of their assets around these momentous occasions.   

·        You can now secure synchronised TakeOver bookings on multiple OOH screens delivering your preferred share of voice for a chosen day and period.

·        Long form copy: TakeOver has no time limits in terms of spot length capability.

·        Fully designed and delivered by DoohClick, with no manual input required from your digital adops team.

·        The initial TakeOver wave can be fully synchronised across your network without any additional screen hardware.

Get Match Fit for 2024

DoohClick is the only ad network management platform to offer this level of sophisticated synchronised messaging, regardless of screen location and spot length.

Pioneering operators and adopters of TakeOver will demonstrate the flexibility and effectiveness of automated DOOH for big wins and important moments.

Up Your Game

With Germany hosting the UEFA 2024 final tournament in June and Paris the home of the Olympics 2024, now’s the time to get your OOH assets match fit.   

To give TakeOver a try, contact Jonas Glad or Mark Bracey, email