Information regarding upcoming preferential rights issue and the decided acquisition value of the share.


To enable an international launch and at the same time provide the opportunity to build a solid sales organization the board has decided that capital should be raised in the form of a preferential rights issue. Shareholders in DoohClick have the right to receive subscription rights, which entitled to preferential rights to subscribe for shares in entitles to one (1) subscription right. Two (2) subscription rights entitles to subscribe for one (1) new share. At full subscription in the preferential rights issue DoohClick will raise approximately SEK 12.6 million before issue costs, through new issue of a maximum of 934,393 shares. Invitation and more in-depth information about DoohClick as well as the rights issue will be published on our website ( and via postal mail in early January In 2020.


The Swedish Tax Agency has published a statement regarding the calculation which shall set the acquisition value of the share in DoohClick. Original acquisition cost of shares in AdCityMedia is 96.1 percent attributable to shares in AdCityMedia and 3.9 percent to shares in DoohClick.
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