ISE 2024 impressions

Mark Bracey gives his lowdown on ISE 2024

What was the most impressive in show?

That accolade goes to Absen who won the Best of Show award for their AW series – a fine pixel pitch LED display and exquisite picture quality with 4500-5000nit brightness, 15-16bit grey scale and a thoroughly water-resistant panel that performs impeccably in extreme weather.

The big ticket booths delivered the expected wow factor. Absen again led by example with its car simulator which was fully booked within a couple of hours.

What missed the mark?

The suggestion from one ISE commentator that CMS platforms are “all variations on the same thing.” Really?

While CMS software may appear “same, same ”, surely the point of difference is the added value / quality of client experience and customer understanding. Coupled with a development roadmap that reflects this.

There are plenty of examples out there of arguably the “same” products, be they bank accounts, mobile phones or rebadged cars. The list is endless, but for one reason or another some thrive, some muddle along and others fade away. Think Nokia and Apple.

As a long time industry veteran, I’ve seen this from both sides of the fence, and am fully aware that some OOH suppliers, CMS included, often provide tech, which is either not fit for purpose, over engineered or overly complicated.

Big corporations may appear to be the “safe” option, but frankly, the client experience can often be dull, unapproachable and inflexible. The opposites are in my opinion essential, especially for an entrepreneurial, smaller OOH media owner who is at risk of being lost in the crowd. 

We get it. 

When we set up DoohClick, we pledged to make everyone feel special, large or small. Best in class tech was a given, but our main point of difference is to remain humble and empathetic to all OOH media owners, a position gained by walking in their shoes. We think and act like an OOH media owner and that shows.

Which is why we always strive to always be personable. To listen and act, resulting in simple, quality tech. Always evolving and improving. Lastly, but most importantly, we are passionate about OOH and love it. And that shows. This isn’t me talking; it’s feedback from our customers.

Quality tech infrastructure that powers almost every facet of a modern OOH media business is a critical investment worth paying good money for. Cheaper is a false economy. Screen manufacturers offering a CMS is the easy bit – but media owners don’t want all their eggs in one basket and like and deserve the OOH value add.

What was this year’s buzzword?


What’s your advice to OOH owners and operators to help cut through the hype?

Go for quality not just price and major on after sales service and longevity. Also think carefully about the screen environment and what you actually want to achieve – you may not need the latest tech. A good and reliable integrator is worth its weight in gold.

Anything else to mention?

Supply issues. Nobody carries stock these days. Why? Check delivery and bear in mind there are no trains now over Russia and shipping is affected by the Red Sea attacks.  Air freight may be the answer, but it’s expensive and doesn’t sit well on the sustainability front.