Kena Outdoor appoints DoohClick as ad management network partner

Kena Media Soweto Towers

Partnership will help future growth plans

Kena Outdoor, a leading South African (SA) out of home media operator and brand communication specialist, has appointed DoohClick as its ad management partner.

The appointment will allow Kena Outdoor to maximize revenue potential across its diverse static out of home (OOH) and DOOH real estate as it seeks to access untapped markets across all nine SA provinces including the townships and rural market economy. 

Commenting on the deal, founder and Kena Group CEO Lerumo Maisela said: “We chose to work with DoohClick because we need an automated system that helps us effectively make use of data and market information to create innovative strategies and proposals. DoohClick is also helpful in ensuring a seamless workflow within our team before, during and after projects. 

“DoohClick will allow us to become more efficient as a business, from sales to production to finance. Easing the administrative workload allows us to focus more on increasing sales, managing P&L and growing the business.”  

Kena Outdoor’s extensive portfolio includes more than 250 high impact billboards, wall wraps, tower beacons, bridge mounted billboards, gantry sites and static roadside together with 10 digital screens in Gauteng, with plans to expand across SA in the near future. 

The estate combines private landlords with Government owned properties, transport hubs and shopping malls.  Its most iconic creative execution to date is the mega Soweto Cooling Towers, two prominent landmarks located on the site of a decommissioned power station in the township. One of the towers is used as a vast advertising canvas, dominating what is now a leisure and business centre. 

DoohClick co-founder and COO Mark Bracey said: “DoohClick will give Kena Outdoor the flexibility required to efficiently manage, automate and monetize its OOH business, integrating sales with a programmatic trading model which allows for a data led approach. Kena Outdoor has ambitious growth plans and we look forward to joining them on the next stage of their journey.”

Mr Maisela added: “In SA, the OOH market is progressing steadily, particularly with the introduction of programmatic by some media owners similar to Kena Outdoor. 

“Kena Outdoor is excited about the possibilities that programmatic brings. We are an innovative entity that is always looking towards the future and pushing the envelope. At this stage, we generate less than 5% of our revenue from programmatic trading, a new revenue stream we intend to grow in the years to come.” Founded in 2003, Kena Outdoor is a leading operator in the SA OOH market. According to the 2023 State of South African Out-Of-Home Report conducted by Outdoor Auditors, an industry regulated report, the company forms part of the top 10 media owners in SA and is one of four companies with a footprint across all nine Provinces.