Meet Board Member Charlotte Thür

A prolific entrepreneur, founder and former CEO of the trade body IAB Sweden, Charlotte brings more than 25 years of ad, marketing and digital media leadership to the DoohClick board. She’s an expert at unifying large and small media players around common trading standards, language and currency. Something the global DOOH sector requires.

Tell us about your involvement with DoohClick and how it came about?

I’ve been a board member of DoohClick since 2021. I joined because I was impressed by this user-friendly DOOH tech with its entire workflow system, from client quotation to follow-up and distribution. It has enormous potential and benefits media owners and operators, sales companies and buyers alike.

I look forward to OOH’s development as a digital channel. I have worked with digital media since the mid-90s and believe DOOH has an exciting journey ahead. It’s an interesting, trusted advertising channel that has great creative opportunities without any of the problems regards adblockers, advertising fatigue and third-party cookies which beset and hinder the online digital sector.

What’s the outlook for DoohClick on the international stage?

I see only opportunities with SaaS systems like DoohClick to gain share as the market evolves. The modern management of DOOH requires a modern, transparent system. DoohClick handles the entire workflow from quotation, invoicing to ad serving and reporting all in the same system. I see no geographical limitations for DoohClick as DOOH grows as a global media channel.

What are your views on DOOH going forward?

DOOH is the perfect hybrid channel, with great opportunities to adapt messages and interactive content based on geography, weather, time, other local data and fully integrate it with other channels like mobile, online and social networks. Programmatic buying will positively affect its development when it’s possible to buy this channel like other digital channels and optimize it in real time.

How should OOH successfully grow its share of ad revenue?

More opportunities for targeted, optimized advertising. Creative solutions are propelling DOOH as an important impact medium. Again, programmatic buying will optimize the channel’s ad inventory and measurability is important. Investment in DOOH real estate is also key. There’s a need of expand the number of digital screens to grow the channel’s reach.

What should OOH operators do better?

As the CEO of the industry organization IAB Sweden for more than 10 years, I have one message and that’s to make it easier for advertisers to buy OOH independent of the different media owners concerned. Which means ensuring that the various media owners can agree on a common currency, definitions, ad format, technology and uphold transparency around important data like share of voice. A trading desk would make it easier to buy, like display ads and online, and capitalize on the inventory. And to jointly develop the programmatic side of the business as well.

What’s your message to agencies?

Use this flexible, dynamic impact channel as creatively as possible. Work with techniques like 3D, customized messages, targeting and keep pushing the media owners to move forward. Continue to set standards so that OOH becomes even more digitized and can be purchased smoothly in combination with other digital media.