Meet our international sales guru

Digital nomad Lawrence Hyde is an OOH evangelist, travelling around Europe on a mission to modernize the industry as it sits on the cusp of DOOH.2.

Tell us about you

My journey is a circuitous one which has taken me from the UK to Portugal, back to Bristol and now to Sweden where I’ve settled with my wife and two wonderful daughters.

Besides the family, I’m a big football fan. I support Arsenal, which goes against the family grain as they’re all West Ham fans. It’s on my bucket list to get an Arsenal season ticket.

How did you get started?

Just like my father, I found myself building a career in sales. Mine’s a colourful background which spans hospitality, construction, events and selling online education courses. My first sales gig was old school  – posting leaflets and getting chased by dogs – but I thought this could be quite fun. Since I moved to Sweden (in 2012) it’s been international sales from day one.

Why the switch to adtech?

At heart I’m a bit of a techy. I’ve got computer parts lying around, Raspberry Pis and different operating systems. An opportunity came up to work for a company offering a network monitoring system and following a merger and acquisition I left to work in content moderation. I then made the switch to DoohClick to focus on international sales and expansion.

What was your first impression of the OOH sector?

That’s a good question. It’s a very close knit, exciting industry which is moving forward quite quickly. It seems like everybody knows everyone. But from a tech perspective there’s a lot of areas that are still not as developed as they could be. DoohClick is here to address that.

So what’s on the cards?

This is going to be a very exciting year for moving OOH forward. Recently I’ve had breakfast in  Belgium, lunch in the Netherlands and dinner in the UK in a day. Then over to Dublin and back to Sweden in five days. Next it’s Poland, Germany and then Barcelona for ISE. I’m a digital nomad.

What problems does DoohClick resolve?

Bigger organisations I speak to are looking to streamline processes to make things go quicker. Start-ups don’t have the necessary systems in place. A lot of problems arise when people are trying to do things but aren’t sure how to achieve it. That’s because there are so many different systems and players in the market. There’s a plethora of choice and they are choosing different systems to do several jobs and they’re not necessarily the right ones.

What’s the message?

It doesn’t need to be complicated. DoohClick is one supplier with a simple set up, doing all the administrative work within seconds. It’s a simple as that. In the UK, specialists like to see a specific report, so there will always be some differentials in the types of tools and set-ups. But in an ideal world they’ll be better integration across the spectrum. One of my mantras is to turn a client into a friend and a friend into family. Whether you work with us or not, you can still turn to us for advice and suggestions.

Any final words?

There’s a lot of OOH history within DoohClick. We’ve got two founders who’ve been in the industry for a considerable time. We’re bringing something new to the market and I wouldn’t want people to miss out. Time is money and we’re saving on both. People can use the time they save with their clients or growing their portfolios. Or just go and spend some extra time with your family.

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