The only OOH management
platform you will ever need

The definitive OOH platform

One integrated workflow

Our platform lets you integrate your sales, planning, playing, analytics, revenue sharing and reporting into one smooth workflow, making sure that you have accurate data every step of the way. With real time tracking of everything going on you never miss a beat, and with automated alerts you are always aware of how each of your asset are performing.

Faster and easier proposals

As everything is already contained within the same system, you can seamlessly go from proposal to scheduling without any conflicts. And you can just as easily provide proof of play, revenue sharing details to screen owners, as well as analytics and reports to other stakeholder.

Making the data work for you

Combining the power of an integrated workflow, an intuitive user interface and the ability to customize dashboards for each role within the company, makes it easier than ever to optimize both performance and revenue. Each account gets the data they need, and you can easily manage who gets access to which data, from sales and operations to finance and the executive team.

Quick and secure onboarding

Making the move to DoohClick should be the easiest choice you ever made. So, to complement our integrated workflow and the many features developed specifically for the needs of the OOH industry, we always make sure you are up and running before the final hand over. Our dedicated team will walk you through each part of our system, even though most of it will speak for itself, and with a tried and true migration process we make sure all your data is in the safest of hands while being uploaded onto our platform.


A complete overview for Leadership

DoohClick is a complete ad management platform. It contains a CMS, an ad server, a video player and an analytics tool all within the same intuitive workflow, making all your data available and seamlessly integrated at every step. From proposal, planning, scheduling and playing to reporting, analyzing and invoicing, we’ve got you covered.

  • Simple and intuitive, with everything easily accessible
  • Faster and more accurate proposals, reporting and analytics
  • Able to handle both DOOH and OOH assets
  • Able to share and collaborate with other media owners
  • Connected to multiple SSP:s for programmatic buying

Smoother Operations

Our software enables you to go straight from proposal to scheduled campaign (without passing excel) as all availability is updated in real time. With our Share of Voice approach there is no need to create loops, sell specifically sized inventory or manually select for screens, dates or formats. With dedicated workflows you can easily handle DOOH, traditional OOH or combined campaigns.

  • Automatically track campaign performance and get proof of play
  • Automatically selects the right content and formats
  • Customize dashboard for to do list and workload
  • Let clients upload content directly to the ad server
  • Supports html5, programmatic and dynamic content/buying

More effective Sales

Using our platform allows you to create accurate proposals much faster, as it gives you access to real time availability for every screen, dynamic pricing and custom Google maps for easy overview, all presented in one attractive package.

  • Tracking your budget for every level (Customer, Sales Rep., Screen)
  • Use dynamic scheduling and pricing using Share of Voice
  • Get better agency analytics and reporting
  • Allow easy API integration to any CRM (ie. Salesforce)
  • Customize dashboards (budget, inventory, yearly reminders)

Total Control of Finance

With all of your data easily available in one intuitive system you have complete control over proposal, campaigns, budgets and invoicing. It allows for day-to-day tracking, as well as year over year comparisons, making sure that all assets are performing as desired and that you can always make informed decisions regarding assets and inventory.

  • Improve quality and speed of reporting, analytics and commissions
  • Provide relevant ROI numbers for media owners, customers and agencies
  • Get real time inventory control and yield management (dynamic pricing)
  • Track your budgets on multiple different levels
  • Automate your workflow for invoicing via API to your ERP system

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