Say hello to our CEO

We believe in being personal, personable, and approachable. So, until we can once again meet in person at events, trade show or for business as usual, we will introduce our co-workers in a series of quick interviews.

First out is our co-founder and CEO, Jonas Glad in an interview that covers his interests, his background in the DOOH/OOH industry and how he hopes to improve it.

Who is Jonas?

I’ve been described as a curious and easy-going person with an entrepreneurial mindset, and although we are very serious about trying to move the industry forward, we also believe in having lots of fun while doing it.

Outside of work my main interests are traveling, motor-sports, tech, hockey and architecture. So I’m always happy to talk about that for a change, as event and trade show easily can become a bit too corporate.

I also have a personal goal to visit at least 100 different countries (I’m currently at 58) so hopefully the world is about to open back up. Ideally, some of that travel will be to develop new clients in different parts of the world, allowing me to combine two of my favorite things.


How did you get started in the OOH industry?

Well, I don’t normally quote Drake, but I did start from the bottom, and coincidentally, now we are here. I always had an interest in advertising and then when I went to business school, I ended up doing and internship at AdCity Media.

Once I had my foot in the door and got a better understanding of how the OOH business worked, it just seemed like an interesting place to be. 


The timing was also very fortunate as the digitization of the industry was just about to start for real. I got to combine my interest in new technology and advertising.

Little did I know that it would lead to me eventually having my own Swedish tech company but considering the company in that category it really is an exciting place to be!

And the rest is history?

Haha, well, hopefully it will be part of the future. But yes, as the saying goes. It just ended up being a great fit and for a couple of years there I had pretty much every role available at AdCity Media. 


I started as an intern and worked my way up through sales, customer development and tech development, before eventually becoming COO.


So how did all that experience turn into DoohClick?

DoohClick evolved as part of the AdCityMedia (later acquired by Ocean Outdoor UK) when we needed a better software solution to grow our business.

It quickly became apparent that the best solution was to build our own. We decided to develop a software tool from scratch, just to make sure that it covered everything we needed to efficiently run and scale an DOOH/OOH business. 


After 10+ years in the industry, I was very excited to put everything I’d leant into a solution that allows you to maximize the potential of DOOH/OOH. I stepped down as COO of AdCity Media, and in 2019 DoohClick become an independent company that anyone can partner with.

Who are your current clients?

We have everything from small entrepreneurs running 1 or 2 screens to large media owners running 1000+ screens. Ocean Outdoor Nordics are presently the largest client. 

Our target customers are predominantly small to midsize media owners who value an effective software tool to grow their business.

Why are they better off with DoohClick?


Our system is state of the art and proven within the OOH industry for over 10 years. We believe it is best in class and a solution that would benefit any media owner regardless of size and ambition.

OOH/DOOH is in our DNA. We understand the pains and challenges that media owners face in their everyday, and we can address all of them with a single solution.

Our most common use case is for DoohClick to replace 3-5 tools for our clients as we are able to integrate sales, planning, playing, analytics, revenue sharing and reporting into one smooth workflow


What are your hopes for the DOOH/OOH industry?

My hope is that it gets rediscovered as a media channel and that advertisers and companies come to utilize its full potential.

The digitalization and the modernization of how we do business should also make it more fun for everyone. Our software frees up time for you to develop your business instead of spending the day looking at spreadsheets.

So hope I can inspire more people to make that change, as I firmly believe that we do our best work when we are having fun doing it!