Say hello to our CEO

We believe in being personal, personable, and approachable. So, in a series of interview we would like you to get to know us a little bit better before we can once again meet in person at events, trade show or in the occasional business meeting. This is us. Always feel free to say hi when you see us.

First out is our co-founder and CEO, Jonas Glad. The man with the initial, ambitious plan to revolutionize the DOOH/OOH industry. Because he couldn’t find what he was looking for.

Who is Jonas?

I am ….

Motorsport is one of my passions, and I following the Formula 1 and Indy Car series closely. So if there are other petrolheads out there, come by our booth next time and we’ll talk about that too.

My other passion is traveling. I have a goal to visit 100 different countries, and I’m currently at 58, but as you can imagine it has been a lot harder lately. But, hopefully we can soon travel once again, and by developing new clients in different parts of the world I can combine two of my favorite things.

What do you want for the industry?

Where do you see its biggest opportunity?

What drives you/what motivates you personally?

What is your favorite destination?

And lets cover a little bit about the business side of things too:

How did DoohClick get started?

DoohClick evolved as part of the Swedish AdCityMedia which was one of the largest DOOH/OOH companies in Scandinavia for many years (and later bought buy Ocean Outdoor UK).

Having researched the market trying to source the best software solution for our needs, it became apparent that the only good answer was to develop our own, so that’s what we did. We developed a software tool from the ground up, to make sure it covered everything we needed in order to run the day to day of an DOOH/OOH business.


Having spent 10+ years in the DOOH/OOH industry, I just had an innate understanding of the intricacies of the business. And I was excited to put everything I’d leant into a solution that really allows you to maximize the potential of DOOH/OOH. I therefore stepped down as COO of AdCityMedia, and become CEO of DoohClick.

At the end of 2019 DoohClick was split off from ACM, becoming an independent company that any media owner can partner with. We raised new capital in February. The investment round was oversubscribed by 234%. Money that we will invest on continuous product development, and entering the global market.

Who are your current clients?

We have a spread from small entrepreneurs running 1 or 2 screens to midsize and large media owners running 1000+ screens. Ocean Outdoor Nordics are presently the largest client.

Our target customers are predominantly small and midsize media owners and who value an effective software tool to grow their business. They are not confined to just the USA and Australia but worldwide.

Why are they better off with DoohClick?

Our system is state of the art, tried and tested in the OOH industry for over 10 years. And after having done extensively researched, we believe it is best in class and a solution that would benefit any media owner regardless of size and ambition.

Our DNA in the company are OOH/DOOH, not just coding software as many start-ups in the AdTech sector. We know and understand the pains and challenges media owners have in there day to day operations. And that’s what we are solving and continually improving with DoohClick.

It´s common that a media owner has 3-5 software tools to get control of their business. DoohClick is not just a scheduling tool for running the campaigns, our tool is for every department. Media Sales, Media Brokers, Finance, Media operations / Content, Support team, yield managers, site developers and CEO´s.