Say hello to our Content & Customer Support Manager

In our last blog we noted the lack of young talent at WOO’s recent Toronto congress. A good segue to introduce our content and customer support manager Kevin Stenmark. Aged 25. One of our next generation thinkers.

Tell us about you

I have a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy and I’m also a licensed personal trainer and certified masseur. I have always loved exercise. I trained in Taekwondo for nine years and then I went into Crossfit and strength exercising.

I have always had a high regard for Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and in my spare time I analyze companies for long term stock market investment.

So you have a portfolio approach to work and life?

Yes. Sometimes I take clients on a weekend and when I’m at the gym people often come to me with their problems. As a trained physio, I can give them some basic rehabilitation exercises.

Why the leap to DoohClick?

In 2019 I was given an opportunity for an internship. Initially I did some data back-ups, wrote some in house security frameworks and the first marketing articles. I thought it was a thrilling new opportunity to pursue as a full time job because DoohClick really fills a gap in the out of home market.

What does your role involve?

Everything from onboarding new clients, helping customer with their questions and training. We produce guides and tutorial videos so that our clients can better understand the flow of the system. I am also in charge of the customer and sales team support desk and drafting in-house security templates with the IT team. It’s very dynamic.

How do you apply your physio training to your job?

The main challenge is to really understand client needs and how they run their business. The out of home sector is still fragmented especially between countries and there are as many different set ups as there are media owners. The way different players sell and structure their media inventory varies.

DoohClick comes with an agile solution that is totally customizable. We have the capability to develop our system to meet and exceed client expectations. Much the same as a physio – ultimate performance is reliant on prognosis, diagnosis, education and informed intervention. All delivered by a safe pair of hands.

What do clients mostly need help with?

When they have a know-how of their media inventory in DoohClick I would say it is how to create different types of customer proposals, how to take care of proof of play and what that report says because we use share of voice.

What’s next?

I want to be with DoohClick as we take the company to the next level. We fill a need that I can’t see other players meet. We are constantly developing the system. We are extremely close now to releasing a big update. This will be a real game changer in terms of how fast the system performs.

What’s your message to those intent on sticking with the status quo?

Not to have 10 different systems to do 10 different things. To systemize and digitalize. We live in an age where we scroll on our phones every five minutes, so there really isn’t a reason to use Excel for your proposal offers or financial reporting. You really should be open and willing for change.

To find out more about how DoohClick can help you, contact Lawrence Hyde, email