Place based advertising.

Right place, right time

Context matters

Advertising’s even more effective when the messages are tailored to specific groups of people based on their precise location at that moment in time. From bars and restaurants to gyms, sports arenas and campuses, leisure and recreational destinations, place based out of home gives clients unparalleled opportunities to deliver the right message to the right demographic at the right time. And that requires a progressive planning and scheduling system.
Place based advertising

"After the first call with DoohClick, we knew: this is a solution to all our problems. It’s a logical tool which is made thanks to the experience the founders have in (D)OOH.”

Kenneth De Decker, CEO, Loop’d

Offer your clients immediate access to receptive out of home audiences by reaching them during their everyday routines.

Deliver hyper local ad campaigns and promotions in real time using DoohClick’s real time ad management network.

Drive attention and transactions with dynamic ads served where people are most likely to see them.

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