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DoohClick’s automated ad network management platform is built to deliver dynamic ad-based messages in real time, giving advertisers, agencies and clients the ability to create engaging commuter messages and live information simply and quickly. Our platform caters for both static and digital OOH inventory.
What are the three most common misconceptions about Programmatic DOOH?

Realize the full value of your transit and roadside networks with easy to plan and book campaigns which put your clients in front of the right audiences on the move by road, rail and air.

From static banners, bus posters, D48s and large format full motion, leverage your assets with data driven, localized messages or synchronized brand takeovers.

Help travellers and passengers on route with way finders, up to date travel news and all the information they need to make their commute or journey easier.

With specialized tools to accommodate both direct sales and programmatic trading, you can exceed sales and occupancy targets and reach new OOH media buyers.

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