Supercharge your Out Of Home CMS

Managing your out of home business shouldn’t be an administrative burden. In fact there are multiple ways you can relieve the pressure on your day to day processes by automating manual tasks and eliminating silos. It’s about working faster and more efficiently.

DoohClick offers a pragmatic step by step approach

  • Create sales proposals in a matter of minutes
  • Create order confirmations
  • Upload OOH and DOOH content
  • See occupancy levels in real time
  • Financial reporting and analytics

Eliminate bottlenecks

Start by looking at one particular area you want to improve.  If you want to introduce a new workflow so that sales can create proposals more quickly, or if your ad operations are overwhelmed, tackle these bottlenecks first.

  • Your ad ops team can upload content and create fast, accurate campaign reports based on real time data. Having structured processes eliminates human error and introduces the flexibility media buyers require.

  • A sales proposal shouldn’t take an hour to put together because you need to access multiple spreadsheets and call another department to ask about occupancy. In reality it can be done in less than a minute.

  • Accessing data on a live basis is eye opening. See the revenue performance of every single billboard or screen, what’s in the pipeline and what revenue has been generated per contact or eyeball. It would take some kind of genius to create the same kind of report on a manual basis.
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A complete ad management system will transform every department of your business, but we know that changing your operational structure is daunting and takes time. So why not take a staged approach.

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