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Linking content to an order:

When the proposal has been confirmed and converted in to an order, you can now access it via “Orders-List” and search for your newly created order. From there, click “Actions” and decide whether to link content per screen or per production. To make changes or look over the order, select “view”. 

When you click on one of the “Relate…” options, there is a drag & drop function in the preview window. (the media content should appear in the preview window if everything is “OK”). After you have checked that everything is as it should be, simply press “Save and schedule”. 

Best Practices:

Make sure to follow these steps when troubleshooting:

If content doesn´t show up in the preview

  • Is the pixelformat in the right size (ratioadjusted)?
  • Has the content department accepted content length?
  • Does the file have the right format (mp4, jpg etc.)

If content shows up in the preview but won´t show on the screen:

  • Have you checked that the screen is online (screens-on/off) ?
  • Does the screen have Mac-ID filled out?
  • Is the screen linked to the mediaserver?

A couple of things to have in mind when uploading content to an order:

  • Make sure that the file you have uploaded has a thumbnail, if not, the file is probably corrupted and won’t be uploaded correctly to the media player. 
  • If you are uploading and linking content to a extensive amount of screens, the system has to process it for a maximum of 5 minutes and the progress bar (which shows in percentage the upload) may disappear as a result of this. Therefore it is critical that you wait for the required period without trying to make any changes to the order/content in the system. If the required time has passed, please contact us .
  • Make sure that if you change the dates of the order that you also change the content upload dates to the same as the order date. Otherwise the content will not appear on the changed order dates.


Here you´ll find our most common questions/issues regarding orders. If you can´t find a solution to your problem, please follow theses steps:

  • State your matter of contact.
  • State the order-ID and tenant you are logged into.
  • Attach a picture or a screen recording where it is possible to see your issue.
  • All tickets should be addressed to: support@doohclick.com

Problem: Dim-lighted screen when trying to view a specific order (see picture)

Answer: Hit the “Refresh”-button and try again. The problem may be due to an technical error or content overloading, therefore please wait for at least 3 min without doing anything. If the duration is exceeded, please contact us.

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