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Arrange and view your client/partner agreements. In the full view of all your agreements you can see Name, Creation time, Tenant (Client/Partner associated with the agreement) and who is the owner of the agreement. 

When creating a new agreement, make sure that you fill out the “Name” tab as it is required. A best practice is to choose an appropriate name, for example: an indication who is the owner of the agreement/screens, which partners are included in the agreement or the revenue split of the agreement. 

In the “Create new agreement tab” under “Shareholders” you select the client/partner(s) of the agreement, time-share and revenue-share. Time-share is the SoV (Share of Voice) that each part has rights to. Under “Screens” you select the screens that this agreement applies to. 

*Notice* that you can only edit the agreements that you have created yourself and are an owner of.

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