Creating your first Client

Creating your first Client

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Here you see all your associated clients with whom you have created an agreement with (more on that under “Agreements”), sent proposals or share a budget with. 

When creating a new client, press the blue button in the upper right corner. 

Here follows a number of best practices when creating a new client:

-”Name” always has to be filled out. 

-”Addresses” and “Phones”-section may be buffering at a slow rate due to redundancy updates and you may have to exit the “Create new client” and then press the blue button again without heading to “Addresses”-section. Instead you can fill out the address-row in the landing section “Details” and phone number under the section “Contacts”. 

-Make sure you have the right format when filling out email and Organization No under “Details”, otherwise there is a risk of not being able to press the save button and create the client.

Arrange your existing clients based on different metrics (number of campaigns, total amount of proposal, Net2 this year etc.). 

When pressing the “Actions”-button you may edit and view the specifications that you have filled in on the client. You also have the option to link media to the client which can be attained when clicking the actions-button and selecting “Media Library. 

*Notice* that you can´t link or edit media content here, only view.

Best Practices:

Problem: Slow preloading of pages, blank screen having to hit “Refresh”-button a number of times but still doesn´t work.
Answer: It can be due to excessive amount of content/files uploaded on the tenant, therefore it can sometimes take up to 3 min to make any changes. If the duration is exceeded, please notify us on

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