Getting Familiar with your Dashboard

Getting Familiar with your Dashboard

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Here you’ll see key metrics based on sales, orders and proposals compared to last year´s performance. 

In “Default Page” you see historic data compared to last year´s (weekly, monthly and yearly). 

In “Weekly Reports” you have two tables, first (DoohclickSalesWeeklyReport) which represents your sales weekly report in total sum week by week in the year selected. The second table (DoohclickSalesWeeklyOverviewReport) shows different sales metrics (Net Price and Grand Total) for a couple comparisons (This Year, Last Year, Budget etc.) in a monthly arrangement. 

-Save the custom report as a pdf or export the data to an excel-file, arrange values as a line, bar or pie-chart etc. to fit your needs!

Head over to the “Pipelines”-dashboard where all sales opportunities, sale values and number of orders are shown in tables and estimated values per individual sales rep are listed. 

-Navigate to the “Edit mode” in the right corner of the page, then a button “Add widget” will appear in the bottom left corner where you can select different widgets (key metrics) to customize your dashboard. 

Drag and drop the widgets on your start page as you like! 

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