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Playlist are created according to proposal/booking with parameters like:
Occupancy, Date, time, localization, weather conditions, number of content.
(all these are specific parameters for every content which are related to screen)

Here you can view the content playlist on an selected screen simply by searching for the screen, selecting the date and clicking on the refresh button. In the video-tutorial below no content was playing during the selected time-period and did therefore not show a playlist.


Here you´ll find our most common problems/issues regarding screens. If you can´t find a solution to your problem here, please follow these steps:

  • State your matter of contact.
  • State the tenant you are logged into and which playlist you are referring to.
  • Attach a picture or a screen recording where it is possible to see your issue.
  • All tickets should be addressed to:

Issue: All media content (images, videos etc) aren´t displayed in the playlist.

Answer: You can only view and access the media content that is owned/uploaded by your tenant. Why? Because if there are multiple media sellers on the same screen, the sellers should not be aware of what the other ones are offering/selling.

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