How to hit a moving target

That thing that OOH is really all about. Catching the attention of those that are out and about and being relevant to them in their context and environment, in order to add value. To achieve that we need a mix of flexible buying, pinpoint accuracy which means zero wastage and a way to seamlessly blend DOOH and OOH assets to provide the best experience possible.

The end goal is to always present relevant content on every screen at any given time. Something that is finally coming to fruition with dynamic pricing, share of voice-based slots and the ability to connect more screens and billboards to one single system.

The traditional approach to outdoor media planning is overly complicated. Firstly, planners identify the potential locations where the target audience might be. Then they have to check the data for each location to see if they will produce the required results. Then they can start the process of planning when and where the ads should actually appear. And all of this before negotiating the price with the individual media owners.

With DoohClick that is a thing of the past as the all-in-one solution allows for smaller operators to offer the same thing, with better transparency and much more flexibility in how they sell their inventory. It also means that smaller media owners themselves can make their screens more easily accessible and tap into more of the advertising spend.


You have to use the right bait

Instead of carrying a generic message at the airport, you can tailor it to which flights are arriving or departing, instead of having the same messages around lunch time, you can have longer or more frequent slots for restaurants, instead of paying a fixed rate for 30 second slots, you pay as much per second as the demand dictates for as many seconds as you want.

And if you are a restaurant, coffee shop or tourist attraction that sits a little off the beaten path, you can create a trail for guest and visitors to follow by buying slots on specific screens in a specific order. If you are a media owner you can allot specific slots and times to NGOs or public service announcements, helping people find shelter in winter or just promoting a worthy cause.

With DoohClick all of this is already possible. You can choose specific screens, specific slots, longer or shorter ads, choose the time of day, create a trail for people to follow, offer up a lunchtime special and provide better rates at odd hours which smaller and or less time sensitive businesses may prefer.

In short, there is no end to the possibilities. So, reach out to us today and we will help make sure that you hit your targets for years to come.