Who gets to speak their mind when the soap box is a digital sign?

As the world of OOH joins the rest of the advertising world in modernizing its way of working, it becomes more interconnected, smarter and more fast paced. With that a second space race is on, and the question now is whether we will yet again allow a few major players to buy their way to complete domination? Or if we this time around, can use technology to decentralize, democratize and allow more people access to the public space.

Part of our mission is to enable and encourage smaller media owners and to change the way ads are being portioned, scheduled and sold. By doing so we can make sure that more people get a share of the total advertising revenue and that more people can get their message out there.

DoohClick allows you to connect any number of screens to one central buying system. And that in turn means that you can offer more flexible package deals, and let small businesses be seen on the same screen as global chains, as even a smaller budget can be used to gain local traction with pinpoint accuracy.

Somewhat counterintuitively that means that you can sell shorter slots, on fewer screens, in order to ultimately sell more ads. With dynamic pricing, a complete overview over unused inventory and real-time data at your fingertips you can then optimize your revenue for every asset.

Having complete control over your inventory and the same backend solution also means that you can do public service announcements or give charities and NGOs access to slots that haven’t been sold. And in so doing, provide both added value to the public and additional goodwill.

We are all responsible for what we put out into the world. And we should take that responsibility seriously. We believe that the way to do so is by being increasingly relevant for the target audience, always provide added value and to allow more people to make their voices heard.